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Festival Program

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"Need to Know"

Our Festival program is what a majority of our students do. Our  Festival Group Classes are motivated by learning new skills, new choreography and the shared goal of working hard as a team to perform their very best at Festival. Being in our Festival program not only forms a special bond with the kids within the studio and during Festival season, but outside the studio as well. Not to mention, our parents enjoy their quality time supporting their kids love for dance along with spending time with other Dance Images parents! 


We travel and dance in 3 Festivals each year between the end of March-May. Two are out of town within Southern Alberta and one is in Lethbridge. Depending on the Festivals we go to, how they schedule their event and how many dances your dancer performs, families can anticipate anywhere between zero-three nights in a hotel (and extra travel expenses that accompany that like gas, food, etc.) !


Our dancers are required to take 2 Ballet classes per week to insure technique is being maintained. The number of classes can range from 2-12 classes per week for each dancer. As well as a few extra rehearsals may be scheduled on weekends as we get closer to Festival! 

All dancers have the opportunity to do extra Festival pieces besides their group dances (ex. Solos, Duos and Trios), in whichever genre they would like! We love organizing our "Preview Show" at CASA in Lethbridge for our Solo/Duo/Trios to preview their extra pieces to their family & friends before they hit the stage at our first festival!


We encourage our Festival dancers to do extra pieces, as that one on one time with a teacher is invaluable and tailored to their individual needs, talent and to strengthen their technical, stylistic and performance skills, as a confident dancer and group teammate!


Performing Opportunities

Our Festival Program also has other opportunities throughout the year: 

Throughout the year: A variety of events depending on the year and requests received from outside parties. 

December: Parade of Lights Annual Christmas Show

February: Solo/Duo/Trio Preview Show

April-May:   Three Festivals (2 traveling, 1 near home)

June:             Year-End Show 

July:               Lethbridge Canada Day

                         Coaldale Settler's Day 

August:        Taber Parade & Cornfest 

We love to perform and share our love for dance to our local Senior homes and throughout the community during the year!

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