Dance Images  Graduating Students

From a very young age I can remember begging my mom to let me join dance classes.By the time I reached grade seven luck was finally on my side and I was able to convince my mom to let me join, and that has changed my life in the best way possible. I didn't get to grow up at Dance Images like the other girls, but I will always cherish my memories here. Every time I walk into dance class I always leave in a better mood than I had prior without fail. This is a blessing in itself. Although Dance Images no longer has its building,it lives on as a community. The more days that I spent here the more it felt like home, and now I can see that home wasn't the building but the people there. I am forever grateful for the lessons and the people at Dance Images that I've met, and life wouldn't be the same without seeing them almost everyday.
My time at Dance Images has created some of the most incredible and inspiring moments that I'll hold close to my heart forever. I would like to thank the teachers for being so ever loving and caring throughout my years here. I will never forget our nights at the studio; full of endless laughter and memorable chats with Gerry. Although this chapter is coming to an end, I will always be grateful for the impact that dancing and all the lovely people at Dance Images have left on me. The studio will forever be my second home, and I would never trade this experience for anything.
Dance Images, a studio, a second home, the everlasting memories, the friendships built, the immense love, has been an experience I will never forget and will forever be thankful. Whether we were learning a new combo, having our butts kicked in cardio, or simply just enjoying each other’s presence, every moment at the studio counted. My time here has brought me endless amounts of happiness and will be something I look back on in the future, and I hope every dancer here feels the same way. Thank you to the teachers for countless hours and the great amount love, to all the parents for the support and making this experience be able to happen, and to all the friends I have made in my time here. I'll miss you Dance Images and everything else that comes along with it, thanks for making these past 6years the best
Dancing at Dance Images meant more than just having a space and building to dance at, it meant having a family to be apart of. Although I’ll always remember to point my toes and stretch my legs, I’ll remember more the countless classes of late night giggles and talks,the  memories made at competitions, and the life lessons we learned through growing up at the studio. Thank you to my parents for everything they’ve done to get me to where I am today and for willingly providing me with this opportunity, and to all the teachers I’ve had over the years who’ve helped raise me into the person and dancer I am now. I can definitely say I will forever cherish Dance Images as my second home and the people there, my second family. There is no doubt that the relationships I’ve made at the studio will continue to be a blessing to me in my future.