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We are here to find a style & program that is best for you!


Our Jazz dance gets its roots from the Gus Giordano style of jazz. This dynamic, never-changing dance genre is always open to snapping up new movement ideas and soaking up the latest cultural style. 


Lyrical dance is a beautiful blend of ballet, modern and jazz. Students learn the techniques of ballet, rhythms of jazz and emotions of modern. Using contemporary music selections the dance creates a story and expresses the mood of the music and lyrics. 


Our classes are designated to teach the students both technical and artistic requirements of classical ballet. These classes cover the vocabulary of steps as laid out by the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) at the equivalent level.

Progressing Ballet Technique

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) enhances your technical skill and body strength using pilates balls, therabands, yoga blocks, small balls & Bosu balls. A revolutionized program to not only elevate technique but creates body awareness through anatomy.


Tap is all about your feet. This class is designated to help with coordination, rhythm and timing. Focusing on intricate footwork and syncopation, this class will incorporate technique, progression and combinations. 


We use the Acrobatic Arts program, designed for Preschool to Advanced levels. "Dancers who train through Acrobatic Arts have balanced development, are stronger, more flexible and fearless.  Studios that implement this program will see dancers with more skills, who have fewer accidents, and are less likely to develop chronic injuries."

alexis pointe 2021.JPG
joelie stall 2021.HEIC
coaldale sr lyrical 2021.jpg

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is all about grooves and energy! It borrows from street dancing and is set to all kinds of music like current music, house, R&B, rap and pop!

Stretch & Strength

A class designed to safely enhance flexibility, core and muscle strength using body resistance and conditioning equipment.

Mom & Tot 

Mom & Tot is an interactive class with your toddler who loves to dance!!


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including jazz, modern, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

Adult Classes

A fun way to not only keep active but make new friends! We encourage Adults of ALL ages to join, it is never too late to dance!

Musical Theatre

Jazz or tap dance and technique, combined with lip-syncing or singing tunes and acting skilss from a variety of classic to modern Musicals and show tunes!

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